The Funniest Stories about the Worst Time in my Life

This isn’t a blog about the hard things to overcome in cancer. This isn’t blog about the symptoms, side effects or treatments of cancer. This isn’t a blog about how much it sucks (it does!) or how much I owe my family (I do!).

This is a blog designed to be readable by someone going through the shit, that wants to be distracted by funny stories that are kind of related to shit, but they don’t actually walk over to the shit. Like, there’s a dirty diaper at the other end of the beach, but it’s like …. 100 yards away and not in the water… and you can’t even smell anything and I just want to have a lovely hour or two at the at the beach without thinking about shit. This is a blog about the connection, about the people I’ve met, about the threads I’ve seen because of where I’ve been. This is a blog about what I wrote down every day during cancer treatment when I wrote 3 things a day that made me smile. This is a fun blog…. about cancer(ish). This is all the weirdest, wildest, funniest shit I did or heard about that’s kind of related to cancer. No Thanks Cancer: no thanks to the shit, at least for an hour or two while I enjoy my lovely day.