Getting to know your 2.0 post-cancer

We have so much to cover in getting to know your 2.0: from Leanna's First Descents surfing adventure to a career after cancer with The Time Between is! Also, happy first birthday to Thanks Cancer (ie Mimi and Leanna friendiversary)!!

  • We are a new tribe of survivors (carcinopaths!) that have the luxury of a 2.0 after cancer.
  • The big c: cancer, chaos and change.
  • You are a physically new self AND a psychologically new self.
  • The hard restart is an opportunity… and difficult and confusing and weird and surreal.
  • You need a 2.0 because your 1.0 was stripped bare. You couldn’t exist as your 1.0, and the "before" can feel like a different lifetime.
  • After rebirth, you get to create yourself with everything you know as a grown up.
  • Be open to different ways of rebuilding yourself.
  • You are going to fail inevitably as a part of the process. Fail fearlessly. Fail again.
  • Explore your 2.0 like you are in high school: fashion, ideas, taste, choices, identity.
  • Incorporate water into your life. Drink the water. Be more like water. Swim in the water.
  • You are a teenager. Let yourself be a teenager and understand that other people won’t give you the understanding that they would give a teenager. Cuz you look like a grown ass person.
  • Let yourself be surprised, and maybe carried away a little bit by your 2.0.
  • For a cancer community, check out The Time Between Is for how to approach your career after cancer and finding meaningful work.


We talk about chemotherapy and how we dealt with our own.

  • Everyone has a different chemo experience, and it's all pretty boring and unpleasant.
  • Look into intermittent fasting and immunocal.
  • Bring friends and something to do.
  • Plan fun things for your chemo days, like a treat or a show.
  • Find a happy place at the hospital.
  • Drink water.
  • Take the warm blanket! Take two and wrap your arm.
  • Food can help, so maybe talk to a nutritionist.
  • Take it as easy as possible.
  • You are a whole new person now. OUCH! .....YAY!
  • Get out in the world to build your biome.
  • Plant a tree: it might just save a life.