Hair and Losing It

We discuss our hair loss, regrowth and what made it easier.

  • Your scalp is going to be tender.
  • Up your makeup game: brow pencils, eyeliner or false eyelashes. 
  • Glasses and sunglasses can camoflauge.
  • Explore your options: colored wigs, scarves, turbans, etc.
  • Bald is an intense, powerful look.
  • Get a soft sleeping cap and a slippery pillow case.
  • Penguin cold caps probably work.
  • Latisse can help, but will probably stain your skin.
  • Your hair will be different every day.
  • Embrace the seasons, and get comfortable with unintentional hairstyles.
  • Find a great hairdresser for your complicated regrow.
  • Choose how to frame this experience.


We talk about chemotherapy and how we dealt with our own.

  • Everyone has a different chemo experience, and it's all pretty boring and unpleasant.
  • Look into intermittent fasting and immunocal.
  • Bring friends and something to do.
  • Plan fun things for your chemo days, like a treat or a show.
  • Find a happy place at the hospital.
  • Drink water.
  • Take the warm blanket! Take two and wrap your arm.
  • Food can help, so maybe talk to a nutritionist.
  • Take it as easy as possible.
  • You are a whole new person now. OUCH! .....YAY!
  • Get out in the world to build your biome.
  • Plant a tree: it might just save a life.