Cancer + Anniversary = Cancerversary

We talk about cancer anniversaries and how we celebrate.

  • Diagnosis is a pretty arbitrary date: it’s way after you STARTED being sick, and way before you are DONE being sick-- it’s a celebration of discovering what’s wrong with us?

  • Mourn your 1.0 self and life -- ceremony or a formal remembrance/farewell can be useful.

  • Maybe your celebration is forgetting about it.

  • Some people don’t feel safe enough to celebrate -- the chance of recurrence.

  • Cancerversaries can be a reminder of how your options have become limited.

  • Schedule exams on your cancerversary -- (Leanna gets a mammogram on her diagnosis anniversary--NOT an annual mastectomy).

  • Use your cancerversary to mourn those who’ve died.

  • Statistics mean something, but they might not mean anything FOR YOU --don’t hide behind the statistics.

  • Get ready to be nervous -- planning for the future and figure out what’s next.

  • Beware of your teenage self: she might have ambitions beyond your old wet damp dishrag of an adult self.

  • Think about what you are celebrating: the future and the amazing YOU!

  • Take comfort in the “vague” and “abstract,” because that’s how it comes sometimes.

  • The cake is a lie, or "your promised reward is merely a fictitious motivator"--tomorrow is not promised, so enjoy every day, not just the milestones.