Plastic Surgery After Breast Cancer

We talk about the surgical options after breast cancer and our experiences.

  • Try to clarify surgical options early on: what’s the best possible, what’s the worst possible, what’s the probable middle? Manage your expectations as much as you can.

  • Know your options. For mastectomy, that’s flat, implants, flap (tram or diep), nipple reconstruction, etc.

  • Fat grafting covers a multitude of divots and creases.

  • Know your risks and what you value (looks, function, scars).

  • What’s your backup fat plan? (ie know what your surgery entails).

  • Nipple tattoos: not like a normal tattoo--kind of a high end prison tattoo—and fade quickly.

  • You can’t feel when your mastectomied boob pops out--so you you have to look with your eyes.

  • Surgeries are going to be a pyramid: major and big at the beginning, and smaller and more delicate at the end.

  • Love your plastic surgeon.

  • Talk to someone who has been through your surgery and find pictures.

  • Aphrodite Reborn and Reconstructing Aphrodite are nice post-breast cancer photo books.

  • Silicon bandaids are reusable and help with scarring and healing.

  • Use microbead pillows to get comfortable.