Informed Consent

We talk about informed consent, what it means, and if it’s even possible.

  • Leanna doesn't’ know when women got the vote: she thought it was 1912, but it was 1920. Less than 100 years ago. Bananas!

  • Informed consent can feel like a rubber stamp: “this is what I have to do to get the treatment I need.”

  • Doctors have to tell you common and serious risks, but they do not get granular.

  • If you are interested in detailed information, you have to ask.

  • Ask ‘What happens if I don’t get treatment?”

  • Ask “How long do I have to decide?”

  • Part of informed consent is getting answers to your satisfaction.

  • Informed consent is a matter of trust in the process/system/doctors.

  • Look it up yourself: understand as much as you can.