What Cancer Taught Me

We talk about what we learned about ourselves during the cancer treatment process.

  • You get to know your unique body. Mimi has a crazy heart —which we all could have guessed by listening to her. (HAHAHAHHA!)

  • Bask in and enjoy all the love and caring from people who want to help you.

  • We should eat what our body needs instead of the calories provided by the traditional American diet.

  • Wants vs. needs can become very clear. #cancerclarity

  • The human body is fucking amazing HEALING ITSELF and MOVING AROUND. <3<3<3

  • Exercise as if you will get cancer.

  • You can find what you love best about you, like your great sense of humor.

  • You realize how much you control your own experience through your thoughts and actions.

  • Try to squint your eyes and adjust to the dark because you are the only one who can find the victories and find your way back to the light.

  • Hone the weaponized awkwardness if that’s your thing.