Cancer Guilt

We are back to talk about the guilt and shame that inexplicably comes along with the cancer.

  • There is no escaping the guilt and shame—deal with it now or later

  • You will have survivor’s guilt, or guilt about how much people have sacrificed to help you

  • You will have shame about your scars and imperfections—disease can feel shameful

  • Cancer allows you to speak your truth—use that to burn off the guilt and shame

  • Guilt can turn into a spiral, so watch out for feeling guilty about feeling guilty

  • Recognize your own guilt, and recognize when you are getting guilt from other people

  • Shine a light on all your feelings and allow yourself to talk about it

  • Therapy can help you move through the guilt and shame

  • Practice honesty with yourself and others--practice authenticity

  • We don’t choose the Phoenix Fire