Cancer and Exercise

We talk about exercise during and after cancer treatment.

  • Use your 2.0 as a chance to rebuild, and exercise is essential to the rebuild.
  • Activity before / during / after is going to make you feel better physically and psychologically
  • Use it or lose it: do SOMETHING.
  • Go in with the attitude of fun and trying and seeing what happens. Don’t have expectations of what you “should” do
  • Move everyday. Take the stairs or walk around the block.
  • Dance parties are a good way to loosen up.
  • Be gentle with yourself, and listen to your body.
  • Ask at your hospital for exercise resources.
  • Look up YMCA Livestrong to take advantage of training and classes.
  • Believe in order to access the placebo effect.
  • Take it slow and easy: incremental is still progress.