Cancer Radiation

We discuss the history and practice of radiation treatments, and thank the cancer martyrs of yesteryear.

  • Doctors will give you aquaphor or a petroleum product-- maybe try coconut oil or cbd oil.
  • Plan for the utter exhaustion of radiation, and plan for naps.
  • People want to help you. Let them help you.
  • Do your research before you make a decision.
  • You need to stretch medicinally through radiation.
  • Take care of all of you--not just your radiated parts.
  • This too shall pass.
  • Calling your Radiation Oncologist a Radonk-a-donk (RadOnc) may improve your radiation appointments.
  • Thanks to Rose Lee, Patron Saint and Radiation Martyr.
  • Thanks to J-Zee, Patron Saint of Letting People Explain the Dumb Things They Say on Social Media--we are all just muddling along.