Cancer Etiquette

Listen as we discuss the social norms at the hospital, and our best practices.

  • In the waiting room, use headphones and avoid phone calls.
  • Be considerate to the people who are having the worst day of their lives.
  • Be aware that other people exist, and that they don’t cope like you cope.
  • Do not prescribe: let people subscribe to your input.
  • Do not one-up other patients.
  • Don’t call strangers to Jesus. (Confirmed that Mimi and Leanna were both called to Jesus by the same disciple, and neither answered the call.)
  • Read the room, and have your parties in private.
  • Friends and family are the buffer. They need to be super aware to manage the patients and the bystanders.
  • Friend’s and family, if you hate the hospital, don’t insist on being at the hospital. Know your limitations. Know what you CAN do, and do that.
  • If you are sick, don’t come to the hospital or wear a mask.
  • Communication is a two way street.
  • See “What did you just say?” for additional guidance on handling the ridiculous things people say.
  • If anyone knows Dr. Dre, help us put Beats in Cancer Centers so we don’t have to yell at any inconsiderate people.