Cancer Choices

We discuss the choices that come with having cancer and how we decided.

  • You have more choices than you think you do.

  • You can say no. Before you do, ask what the consequences are. Ask a lot of questions.

  • Don’t check out on making choices--check IN!

  • Try not to pop other people’s comforting bubbles. Go gently with information for others.

  • Know how YOU want to get information.

  • We are all lost in the woods and doing the best we can.

  • Stay out of the “what might have been” as much as you can. Don’t build your house there, and make your vacations there SHORT.

  • “I did the best I could with the information I had.”

  • Be aware of any guilt or shame you might have about the choices you make.

  • You have to be aware of your animal instincts to run. Choose to chooose.

  • Take time off if you can take time off.