What Did You Just Say?

How do you talk to someone with cancer? Leanna and Mimi discuss.

  • People are going to say dumb things to cancer patients. It is inevitable.
  • People are trying to relate to your worst thing with their worst thing.
  • Supportive silence can be golden
  • Have strategies to end a conversation you don't want to have.
    • Weaponized crying
    • "I really can't talk about this right now"


Cancer Branding

What is your cancer brand? Mimi and Leanna discuss how social media can impact your cancer story.

  • The people you invite to the party should bring something to the table.
  • Power outfits for treatments (when else can I dress up like a unicorn?).
  • How you tell your story affects your experience.
  • Sharing your experience with others can help others and can help YOU.

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Cancer Discovery

What do you do when you get diagnosed with cancer? Hear us discuss discovery and coping with the cancer news.

  • Tell who you want
  • Delegate who you can
  • Don't make decisions you don't have to make
  • People are going to have crazy reactions
  • Be kind to yourself--you are in shock
  • Let people help you
  • Get over the blame game--it's misdirected anger and a waste of energy
  • Find mindless happiness or distraction--YouTube has hours of silly cat videos

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